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Event Planing

Event management is a type of project management that specifically focuses on the organisation of conferences, festivals, events and functions.

Event Managers might undertake such tasks as studying the branding messages of the client, identifying the target market, looking after the logistics and technical aspects of an event and devising themes and concepts.

We will develop budgeting and project management skills, as well as how to select a venue and promote your event.

Event Execution

5 Key Ingredients for Flawless Event Execution:

  • Planning & Collaboration Tools
  • Sourcing & Spend Management Tools
  • Truly Customized Branding
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Robust Infrastructure
Media Promotion

The hottest tactics in today’s marketing mix: digital and social media. These include your website, blog and email marketing (digital) as well as posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social media channels (social). What makes them so popular among small businesses is their cost: Digital and social tactics are a relatively inexpensive and easy way to ensure that your business and product receive high visibility. And if your company does business beyond your local area, online tactics such as these make it easy for people to find your company and purchase your product/service from anywhere in the world—essentially making your small business a larger one.